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A Dartmouth boy is responsible for residents having a place to bring old American flags for proper disposal.

Tracie Ferreira is a proud mom to Eagle Scout candidate, Tyler. Tyler is 13 years old and has been a Scout for seven years. He just finished his final Eagle Scout project installation. The Dartmouth Select Board allowed Tyler to install it in front of the town hall and it’s definitely something to talk about.

Tyler started as a Cub Scout at seven years old. His dad is an Eagle Scout, so it’s a family affair. They started working on this final project back in June and have been chipping away at it little by little. It was a work in progress for a long time, but it was a labor of love. Ferreira mentioned that going through the process meant a lot of Zoom meetings with the Board through the pandemic.

Tyler’s mom says he witnessed first-hand how a great support system can make anything possible. “It represents the whole Dartmouth community coming together to build it. It cost him close to $600 to do this. We asked everyone for cans so we could raise the funds at the redemption center. The shingles were donated by LePage and Sons. When cobblestones could not be found in stores, we went on Buy Nothing SouthCoast to ask for help. We received cobblestones from a retired police officer from Europe circa the 1800s, no less. It truly takes a village,” said Ferreira.

Contributed by Tracie Ferreira
Contributed by Tracie Ferreira

Ferreira posted photos of the project on Dartmouth Helping Dartmouth just in time for Veterans Day. The family was loading the truck to transport it to Dartmouth Town Hall when the earthquake hit Sunday morning. Troop 74 worked quickly to dig and get this in the ground an hour later.

“The troop has been unbelievably supportive,” said Ferreira. Tyler is appreciative of the team that helped him. “It’s far easier to get things done when you have an awesome community backing you,” said Tyler. “We have an awesome program with the Eagle Scouts and Troop 74. I’m actually one of four Eagle Scout candidates working on final projects or have recently finished. Matt Mumma, Dan Mumma, and Zack Joubert are also working hard and they deserve to be recognized.”

Tyler gave a special thank you to Scout Master George Ripley for leading Troop 74.
As for the project, the Ferreira family is happy that it fills a need for the SouthCoast community. “Now you know where to bring your U.S flags for proper ceremonial retirement!”

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