Amalia Rego turned 10 and a half on Wednesday, February 3. She marked the occasion by blowing out a candle on a cupcake. Her mom, Jennifer Rego posted on Facebook that there are “so few celebrations lately, that we decided 10.5 deserved one!”

As it turns out, Amalia has a lot to celebrate in 2021. The child entrepreneur has been selected to design a window display for the Fall River Winterbridge program after submitting an essay around the prompt “What do you love about Fall River?”

The Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition will provide Amalia with a stipend of $500 and she will have two weeks to install her creation.

“A funny coincidence is that the window I am decorating is at the store where I sell my art - Craftyish! I am meeting with the owner of the store, Miss Stephanie, this weekend to talk about the design," Amalia said.

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Amalia has been creating and selling fluid art at the Southcoast Open Air Market since September of 2018. What started as a summer vacation activity has evolved into a flourishing KID BIZ.

“Before the pandemic, I was also selling it at No Joke Smoke, the BBQ restaurant in Swansea," she said. "Now, it is at the Craftyish Shop in Fall River.”

Photo contributed by Jennifer Rego
Photo contributed by Jennifer Rego

Not only does Amalia sell her pieces at the store located at 9 North Main Street, but she hosts craft workshops for kids there as well.

“Right now, we can only have a couple of kids because of social distancing, but people can sign up online, and then I teach them how to paint pour," she said.

Other than that, her business has not been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic since she does all her art at home and is an online learner.

Amalia’s passion for art started at a young age and she really has made an impressive business from it.

Photo contributed by Jennifer Rego
Photo contributed by Jennifer Rego

“My favorite piece of art was a rainbow I did and when my mom was photographing it, my neighbor saw it and bought it in my front yard," she said.

Amalia’s two cats, Sarabi and Simba, love to watch her create new pieces. You can learn more about her on the official website or her very own Facebook and Instagram accounts that mom helps her run.

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