The presidency is far greater than any president. Even if one does not respect the person who is the president, they should at least respect the seat if they believe themselves to be a patriot to America.

Donald J Trump will become the President of the United States of America tomorrow. Never in our time has there been a more controversial person in office, before even being sworn-in. He has been animated, surreal, outlandish, confrontational, unapologetic, vulgar and his candidacy deeply divided the GOP first and after disposing sixteen competitors in that primary, the nation itself also became bitterly divided. It was even common practice this past Thanksgiving, to avoid Trump in a conversation. Friends were lost, especially through social media connections. Family members ceased talking to each other over Trump.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Indiana Ahead Of State Primary
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I think most Americans hope that Donald Trump's presidency does a great impersonation of the month of March, "In like a lion, out like a lamb." I have my doubts.

Congressional members of the Democratic Party have brought attention to themselves, wearing their kind of 'courage' badge by announcing their boycott of the inauguration. So too have many celebrities, even ones invited to perform. In fact, not only has rock legend Bruce Springsteen clearly declared his refusal to perform and even a Springsteen tribute band has felt enough pressure to turn down such an amazing opportunity! The "B Street Band", wussed out for fear of offending 'The Boss'.

Singer Andrea Bocelli was set to perform tomorrow when TMZ reported that an ugly hashtag campaign began, berating Bocelli for even considering it. He subsequently backed out. No one is safe from the scorn of the liberals.  Once the Beach boys..the beloved f'n Beach Boys, announced their intention to perform for Trump's inauguration, liberal media set out to assault them. Rolling Stone Magazine and Huffington Post immediately posted articles about how the band was a train wreck and lousy etc.

Trump has gone from a mostly admired, pop-culture icon. A well known, well self promoted celebrity who has been for over 30 years "the face of capitalism", to a controversial, economic nationalist who his adversaries would say is racist, sexist and not worthy of the office of the presidency.

His election was hard fought for by both he and his equally inflammatory opponent on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton. Trump won the Electoral College handily while Clinton won the popular vote (mostly due to only to California and New York).

He is hated by many but loved by a formidable enough to have elected him.

The left continues to shame themselves and shock others who apparently don't know what I know about them. They are a nasty bunch. Project Veritas for example, was able to unveil Operation DisruptJ20, a liberal plot to cause the stoppage of tomorrow's inauguration with the use of butyric acid (stink) bombs. This is actually another proud tactic of Alinsky but taken up a notch.

An icon of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) has asked for media to point out that he, for the first time, was not going to attend the Trump inauguration. In truth though, Lewis refused to go to George W Bush's swearing in. as part of the black caucus, he "didn't believe Bush was the truly elected president."

Any of you seeing a pattern yet?

“I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.


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