Hats off to those who work in acres, not in hours, because it's a struggle to keep our area farmers above ground.

That said, an intriguing proposition from small-scale farmers in Westport hopefully will see the light of day, if the local officials there help put a great idea before voters in November's election.

Some farmers want to form an agricultural cooperative to grow recreational marijuana, and sell it to out-of-town buyers approved by the state. It makes good sense, because right now, it seems the well financed cannabis companies--or factories--are the only ones to which the state's Cannabis Control Commission has given the green thumb. It's just not fair to the small potatoes.

Green money grows in rows, so let the local farmers in on the revenues that the financial fat cats are domineering. Let's get behind this and show we really "support our local farmers," even if they want to grow a product you're not going to find at the local farmers' market.

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