So the owner of Leinenkugel dropped by on Tuesday. John Leinenkugel knows we all love our Summer Shandy, mixed with lemonade. But we were lucky enough to also try the new Watermelon Shandy in studio!

Kasey Silvia / TSM
Kasey Silvia / TSM

"The beauty about this is it doesn't have the citrus sweetness or tartness that summer shandy or a grapefruit shandy would have. This is a very mild, refreshing, drinkable beer, so if people don't like citrus in their beer, this is where I would recommend. It's very mild. It's not Jolly Rancher sweet, or candy-like sweet."

Have to say, it's a perfect addition to the Leinenkugel line, and not overwhelming at all. A personal favorite for summer 2017. And now you can try this and other shandies with their sample pack!

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