The latest case of alleged leftist lunacy on illegal immigration is in our state courts. A federal grand jury investigation and Governor Baker are involved, too.

Jose Medina-Perez is an illegal immigrant in America. He escaped custody earlier this year while making an appearance in a criminal court in Newton, Massachusetts. He was in court on drug charges. He also had a warrant for his arrest on drunk driving charges out of Pennsylvania.

According to news reports, the federal government is investigating the role a state judge and other Massachusetts court employees played in the escape of the illegal alien from the court that day he was facing drug charges and a drunk driving warrant.

The state judge is Shelley Joseph, and she was appointed by Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican and currently the most popular governor in the country. Gov. Baker is calling on the judge he appointed to step away from hearing criminal cases until the federal investigation is concluded.

Jose Medina-Perez has reportedly been deported twice already.

So what possesses a person to assist a criminal escape custody? What would make a judge or any court employee break the law to keep an illegal alien out of federal custody? What sort of twisted ideology, would motivate a person to sacrifice their career in the interest of assisting an illegal alien to escape the legal system?

Do leftists believe they are immune to the consequences of the criminal behavior of illegal aliens because they support illegal aliens? This illegal alien has been deported twice and he has a record of involvement in drugs and with drunk driving.

The judge under investigation by a federal grand jury has two children. Does she think an illegal alien wouldn't sell her daughters illegal drugs? Does she think a drunk driving illegal alien would somehow avoid killing her and her family in a car accident because she supports their larger cause?

Elections have consequences, and we can all agree that this wouldn't be a federal investigation if Donald Trump wasn't elected in 2016.

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