On Sunday, November, 25, hundreds of Central American men from the famed caravan from Honduras were hurling rocks at American Border Patrol agents at the Mexico-California border in Tijuana. Some of the stones were fist-sized and could easily have killed someone. They were trying to force their way into the nation. Sure, their might was no match, but this was an actual assault on America and American authorities.

Predictably, the liberal media here and abroad were quite okay with this incredibly violent attack, and instead chose to condemn U.S. Border Patrol agents for responding with non-lethal tear gas canisters to keep the stone throwers at a distance which prevented them from harming anyone.

The members of the stone throwers brigade seemed to know that there would be political cover provided by the media. How else can we look at it?

The strategy of the media and the George Soros-funded operation was to attempt to show the caravan as mostly women and children. In fact, over 90 percent of the members in the 8,500-plus caravan are males. Thankfully, there were some members of the media there interested in telling the truth. Otherwise, we'd all be under the impression that this was a mass of vulnerable innocents.

The Mexican government, not the American one, has assessed "hundreds of them" as being confirmed gang members or violent criminals. The barrage of lethal weapons thrown at our Border Patrol proves it. One even casually admitted this to Griff Jenkins, an acquaintance of mine and a reporter for Fox News, as he headed to our border on October 3:

A 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization out of Chicago called La Familia Latina Unida (The Family of United Latins) and its sister organization, Centro Sin Fronteras (Centers Without Borders) in Honduras, has poured money into the caravan in order to bribe women with children to join the trek to the United States. These horrible people want to use the women and their babies as human shields to meet their political objective. It's disgusting.

This organization was reportedly given at least $2,500,000 by Soros's Open Society organization, and it is widely believed that he gives far more than that documented amount by giving to smaller charities. These smaller organizations reportedly then make donations to La Famlilia, This shell game makes it far more difficult to monitor Soros's efforts but is being done.

We know Soros has great influence over the liberal media giants. We know Soros is looking to invest in as many groups which could and would eventually erode all recognized borders, until the world is under one global central government.

It is extremely inconvenient (note the sarcasm) to allow our liberal citizens to cherry-pick which laws that they wish to recognize and which they wish to ignore. Laws that have been passed by our legislature, elected by and are representing We the People, signed by the president in the Executive Branch and upheld by the Judiciary Branch.

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