"Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier talk to long-time DC journalist, John Gizzi, the National Political Reporter and White House Correspondent for NEWSMAX. We discuss the deepening Russian Crisis - and the White House's response to it; the "outsider" President's ability to get a handle on his job; the split inside the GOP; and the coming 2018 mid-term elections: will the Republicans lose their ability to get things done?"

John Gizzi, one of the most knowledgeable observers in Washington, and someone I find myself agreeing with, chats with John and Arlene about President Donald Trump's experiences so far. I learned a lot from Mr. Gizzi's perspectives and perhaps you will too. In the meantime, with all the media political bull whipping going on, directly or indiscreetly, I am certain you'll find this podcast very interesting and enlightening.

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