It's not a secret that Stop & Shop's strike has impacted more than just the lives of the striking workers. Customers who loyally shop at the grocery store have had to find alternatives for their everyday goods, and some 2019 brides have been scrambling to make arrangements for their wedding flowers.

Enter Heritage Flowers in Lakeville, the saviors of Stop & Shop brides all over New England. Owner, Darlene Donnelly Lee has reached out to local brides that have been left in the dust after the strike.

“Hello, Stop & Shop brides! We at Heritage Flowers are willing and able to help you with your wedding flowers. Bring your original contract and we will do our best to get you what you need for the same cost! We love weddings! Darlene and the ladies at Heritage Flowers. We deliver all over New England!”

I cannot imagine these poor brides getting married this month knowing that there is no end in sight to this strike at Stop & Shop. It's not worth taking the chance on a big day like your WEDDING! Might as well give Darlene a call and see if they can work their fairy godmother magic to make this happen for you and your husband-to-be.

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