An explosion at the Greasy Luck Brewery in New Bedford caused a scare Friday afternoon, but no damage or injuries.

The New Bedford Fire Department received the alarm at 12:46 p.m.. The initial call was for an explosion at the Purchase Street establishment, but they didn't receive any notificiation of an active fire. However, a call from within the building reported an explosion, and that those inside felt a rumbling under their feet.

"When we got here, there was no smoke, the glass wasn't broken," District Fire Chief James Fortin said. "I expected to see the front kind of in shambles when I arrived."

Fortin said the brewery was having some issues with one of their fryolators, with the pilot going on and off.

"After it was re-lit, there was a buildup of gas still in the unit, and it flashed back at them with a loud bang, loud enough to rumble the floor," Fortin said. "It was close enough to a heat source to ignite the gas and create the so-called explosion, which was pretty much just a flashback of the gasses built up."

Fortin said there were no injuries and "no structural damage to the building whatsoever." He did note that the brewery wouldn't be able to use that particular fryolator until a plumber can look at it, but that there are no hazardous conditions in the kitchen or in the restaurant.

"They'll be re-opening when they see fit," Fortin said.

WBSM News Director Taylor Cormier contributed to this report.

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