So, John Forbes Kerry--aka Bubble Boy--is embarrassed by the way President Trump dressed down our so-called NATO allies in Brussels this week. Perhaps that's because Kerry never had the gonads to stand up to anyone who was taking advantage of the American people during his too many years at the public trough.

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For those who missed it, Trump told the allies in no uncertain terms, to their faces, that they had better start ponying up for their own military protection sooner rather than later. Trump says the American taxpayer is tired of footing the bill for Europe's protection.

Damn straight we are.

Kerry, however, thought Trump was absolutely "disgraceful" to defend the taxpayer. In a statement posted to his Twitter page, Kerry says it's "strange" and "counterproductive" for Trump to lean on the allies to pay their share. Kerry suggests that Trump is making "public adversaries out of our friends." He went on to suggest that Trump is "steadily destroying our reputation in the world" and is "undermining our interests."

Keep in mind, this is the empty tuna can that helped destroy the Massachusetts economy as Mike Dukakis' stalwart Lt. Governor. And voted for the Iraq War as a U.S. Senator before he was against it...or something like that. All that was after he swift-boated his war medals over the White House fence, but before, as Secretary of State, he thanked the Iranians for kidnapping American servicemen, and then delivered pallets of cash to Iran with a wink and a nod to their nuclear ambitions.

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By the way, J.F. Kerry is currently under investigation by the Inspector General for his potential role in the witch hunt against Trump. Stay tuned.

John Kerry has been a dismal failure and an embarrassment in most of what he has done in public life. Remember the red line in Syria? Yeah, that was one of his policies, too. He also stuck his unwelcome nose into the negotiations between Trump, the Israelis, and the Palestinians. And he lost to G.W. Bush, remember?

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John Kerry should praise Donald Trump for doing what he and Barack Obama were never able or willing to do: get the allies to pay up.

Other than that, Kerry should do what other former diplomats do when their time in the spotlight has expired: shut up and enjoy the beach.

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