BOSTON —Congressman Joe Kennedy III’s senate campaign team has agreed to a senate primary debate on climate change and additionally proposed to hold a series of regional debates across the state.

Kennedy for Massachusetts announced on Friday that the U.S. Rep.’s team had agreed to the debate following “productive debate negotiations earlier this week.”

"While we agree with the urgency of climate change, we also understand there are a myriad of issues out there of critical importance to Massachusetts voters. To that end, we propose the remainder of the debates be issue-inclusive. We are proud of this proposal, which reflects the most robust debate schedule in recent primary history, and hopeful the other campaigns will work with us to reach an agreement,” said Campaign Manager Nick Clemons.

"We look forward to a high-profile climate event, a robust debate schedule across the state, and continued discussions with all campaigns as we approach the election year."

Clemons adds that the campaign team believes the debates should start early next year. He says due to the timing of the ongoing impeachment proceedings involving President Donald Trump and upcoming winter holidays, beginning debates at the start of 2020 would “ensure maximum voter turnout and participation.”

“To try and rush debates at a moment when voters' attention is elsewhere is a backhanded way to limit participation in these essential forums. We think it is critical that the climate debate, in particular, occur on the ground in a frontline community in Massachusetts most impacted by our failure to address climate change over the past several decades. We are committed to working with the other campaigns to find an appropriate host and location.”

Kennedy formally declared his candidacy for Ed Markey’s U.S. Senate on September 21.

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