WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Bill Keating (MA – 9th District) is providing updates on the ongoing whistleblower scandal involving a phone call President Donald Trump made to a foreign leader regarding former Vice-President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In a Friday morning phone call into the Chris McCarthy Show, Congressman Keating explained his support of the impeachment inquiry and where it leaves Congress in regards to the impeachment process. Keating says multiple requests for information and people of interest have been blocked or delayed.

“So, the thought was that this would open the doors more, maybe give more legal leverage to getting those people and documents in. And in a timely fashion too, because some of things at the rate we’re going, Congress wouldn’t get them at all until after the next election of something. It’s been stalled that much,” said Keating.

“It’s a way to hopefully add a little more leverage legally to get the documents, make sure the people come in. We’ll see it transpires or how helpful that is.”

A transcript of the phone call with the Ukrainian President was released Wednesday morning by order of President Trump.

“What happened this week is quite remarkable with the facts that came out and the fact much of it has been corroborated, some of it corroborated by the White House itself, saying, ‘yes this is what happened.’ It’s been breathtaking actually. I never anticipated something like this,” Keating said.

Keating issued a statement to the press earlier this week expressing support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA 12th District) announcement that a formal impeachment inquiry would begin against President Trump.

“The President has acted to coerce a foreign power to undercut our country’s national security and democracy, an action declared to be an ‘urgent matter’ by the Inspector General. The Constitution and our rule of law are at stake right now. We have a Constitutional obligation as a Congress to protect our country. We must move forward on a formal impeachment inquiry,” Keating said in the release.

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