Justice has been served, but I hope there's more.

A federal judge in Rhode Island has found Nathan Carman's repairs he made to his 31-foot boat made it unseaworthy, and at least indirectly caused it to sink. I'm glad the ruling was against Nathan Carman over the loss of his boat. National Liability & Fire Insurance Company acted appropriately when it denied Carman coverage. Based on all the evidence presented at trial, Carman improperly repaired the holes he drilled and compromised the boat's stability by removing the bulkheads.

U.S. District Judge John McConnell ruled in favor of the insurance company that refused to pay an $85,000 claim to Carman for the loss of his boat The Chicken Pox.

I'm not a fan of Nathan Carman, who claims he was on a "fishing trip" with his mother, in Rhode Island waters, when the boat went down. Carman was miraculously rescued from a life raft a week later, but his mother was never found. My third eye and my gut just don't trust this guy. The sisters of Carman's mother believe he's responsible for his mother's death. I do, too.

His aunts tried to prevent him from collecting his mother's portion of his grandfather's millions in inheritance money. In a New Hampshire court, the sisters failed to block Nathan Carman's share, alleging he shot and killed his own grandfather, 87-year-old John Chakalos, "out of malice and greed."

I remember Uncle Soc saying, "He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have." That may be directed towards me because I'm not going to be contented until Carman is found responsible for his mother's and grandfather's deaths.

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