I have a problem understanding the case of Nathan Carman, the fishing trip where his boat sank, and his mother disappearing into the sea. He was found alone at sea a week after his boat sank. His mother is still missing and two insurance companies are saying that Carman drilled four holes in the back of the boat, hours before leaving on this doomed fishing trip.

The insurance companies allege that Carman sabotaged the boat with the intent to kill his mother, and previous to that, also killed his wealthy grandfather as part of a plot to cash in on a multi-million dollar inheritance. Bottom line, the insurance companies refuse to pay Carman a penny because they say his boat's sinking was caused by his own incomplete, improper, and faulty repairs with the holes, and because of this intentional act, the loss wasn't accidental.

I'm having a tough time grasping why he would make "repairs" to his boat just before leaving on a fishing trip with his mother by drilling holes slightly above the water line and then fill them in with putty? According to witnesses, this made the boat unseaworthy and dangerous.

After the boat sank and his mother vanished into the sea, he claims to have been drifting in an inflatable life raft for a week, before he was rescued about 115 miles of the coast of Martha's Vineyard by a passing freighter. Carman claims he's innocent of any and all claims made against him and wants to clear his name with his day in court.

I can sum this up with something I remember growing up, that if you tell the whole truth, it becomes a part of your past, but if you lie, it becomes part of your future.

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