Seven-year-old James Younger who was facing a forced "transition" through chemical castration, puberty-blocking drugs, and cross-sex hormones has been given new hope by Dallas Family District Court Judge Kim Cooks. Judge Cooks has reversed a jury decision, granting the boy's father joint guardianship and giving him a say in any medical decisions on behalf of the child.

Jeff Younger has been fighting his ex-wife Dr. Anne Georgulas, who has diagnosed the boy with “gender-dysphoria,” from transitioning the child to a girl named Luna. Younger says Georgulas, a pediatrician, has dressed James as a girl and has punished him for refusing to say that he is one.

The case drew national attention and prompted Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) to call for an investigation. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) are outraged. Cruz said in a statement, "This is horrifying and tragic. For a parent to subject such a young child to life-altering hormone blockers to medically transition their sex is nothing less than child abuse."

Crenshaw said the jury's decision was "heartbreaking and sets a horrible precedent." He added, "A seven-year-old can't possibly make this decision or understand it. Parents should know better."

Jeff Younger has won a big victory for the rights of divorced fathers when such important decisions are made concerning their children. James Younger has won a huge victory in that a wise judge has decided that a child deserves a chance to make his or her own decisions about such important matters as transitioning from one gender to another.

Society has also won a victory here in that Judge Cooks has set a precedent that could well prevent deranged parents from mutilating their children in the future. It is horrifying to think that so many adults, including medical and educational professionals, sided with the mother in her inhumane and evil plot against her innocent son. Disgusting.

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