A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is claiming the Obama administration's narrative about the killing of Osama bin Laden contained multiple lies.

A new article by Seymour Hersh claims the al-Qaeda leader and mastermind of the 9-11 attacks was actually being held prisoner by Pakistan's intelligence agency when he was killed.

Hersh says the most blatant lie by the White House about the bin Laden killing was that Pakistan's top military officials knew nothing about the mission ahead of time.

His article also refutes the White House claim that bin Laden's burial at sea followed Islamic practices. He says the real story is that bin Laden's remains were put in a body bag and some of his body parts were tossed from a helicopter over the Hindu Kush mountains, which stretch from northern Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Hersh also says a senior Pakistani intelligence officer told the U.S. where bin Laden was so he could get the 25-million-dollar reward the U.S. was offering for his capture.

Hersh says his sources for the story are an unnamed senior U.S. intelligence official, two consultants to U.S. Special Operations Command and some Pakistani sources. (Metro Networks Inc.)