More than 45 years ago, Jonathan Sprouts were pioneers in the fresh sprout industry. Now they are introducing new products with their fresh sprouts: They are offering the first comprehensive series of sprouted, super-antioxidant, clean-beauty skincare.

Jonathan Sprouts Skincare is vegan friendly while slowing signs of aging and shielding your DNA from damage.

Jonathan Sprouts

"Inspired by research completed by John Hopkins University that clinically demonstrated the benefits of sulforaphane, we introduced the first, comprehensive series of sprouted, superantioxidant, clean-beauty, skincare," Jonathan Sprouts leaders said. "Sulforaphane is potent phytonutrient derived from cruciferous sprouts like broccoli and swiss garden cress. Sulforaphane helps release detoxifying enzymes to fight oxidative damage and slow down the signs of aging."

Incorporating sulforaphane into skincare is the external version of "clean eating," as they are free from harmful, overly processed ingredients. In fact, sprouts are living foods that produce nutrients long after they've been harvested, whether it's for produce or skincare.

Explore the benefits yourself. Shop skincare online at If you own a business and are interested in becoming a distributor or carrying the Jonathan Sprouts line in your store, reach out to Madison Aguiar at 774-328-2961.

In addition to their skincare, you can buy locally grown Jonathan Sprouts at Shaw's, Stop & Shop and Market Basket, among others in the Eastern States or Greater New England Area. For pointers on how to start incorporating sprouts into your diet, follow them on Instagram @jonathansprouts for tips and recipes.

Jonathan Sprouts