It may be a little intimidating to hire an architect, as not everyone knows exactly what they do or how they fit in with other construction professionals.They’re not just for the glossy magazine projects, they work on projects of all sizes and budgets.

Architects, like RESCOM Architectural, Inc., are licensed professionals that can help you find solutions for any of your design projects, from as large as a new home to as small as a remodeled bathroom. They've had extensive training, and their expertise in a wide range of services will lead to your project’s success. They are knowledgeable about construction, laws, codes and specifications.

While most people may think architects primarily deal with the technical drawings of their project, their role in your project goes well beyond the paper plan.

Here are some FAQ's on working with architects, with expert advice from our friends at RESCOM Architectural, Inc.:

Q: Where does the builder come in?

A: Having an architect like RESCOM involved with your project will help to keep the entire process streamlined. Once you’ve agreed on a design, RESCOM will refer you to a builder who can help with the construction phase of the project or they will work with the builder you’ve chosen to contract with.

Q: What should I be sure to ask about when hiring an architect?

A: When you are interviewing an architect for your job, be sure to ask them for the following: referrals, portfolios, licensing. Because registered architects are licensed, they are usually insured. This distinction between registered architects and designers is important when taking on a project. It's also important to understand what they will be directly managing and will be responsible for.

Q: So, after construction starts, the architect's job is done?

A: Not exactly. A great architecture firm will be on-site to help ensure your project is going as planned, to help handle any questions that come up during the build, and solve any problems that arise as they happen. With RESCOM, clients can expect exceptional attention to detail. Principal Gregory Siroonian personally oversees every project from initial consultation through project completion ensuring outstanding client satisfaction.

Q: Who handles the really small details, like the finishes and fixtures?

A: Some architects may suggest you handle these details yourself or hire an interior decorator, but RESCOM are equipped to handle even these small details for you. RESCOM will carefully size your project so it is not too large for your needs. This allows them to give more attention to the tiny details and upgraded finishes that really bring the end project all together.

RESCOM can handle all of your design projects including new homes, remodels, outdoor spaces such as decks and fire pits, and even commercial projects. There is no fee for a consultation. Learn more by calling (508) 759-9828 or visiting

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