We have a lot of towns in the state of Massachusetts. Some we call home and people especially my age who are not a fan of small towns because they claim there is nothing to do and they're "boring."

I totally understand, growing up in Adams for 20-plus years. But that doesn't mean I don't like a small town like Adams. I actually have some co-workers that prefer a small town over 'the big city" any day. Anyways, the point is small towns have their big advantages over a city. One of the advantages is some are just absolutely beautiful!

So which charming town is the most overlooked in Massachusetts?

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Rockport, Massachusetts. Located about 40 miles from Boston. Also known as "The Other Cape" considering the fact that it is almost perfectly Parallel North of "Cape Cod." You can rest assured that this is the perfect summer escape from the Berkshires!

Being that the population is just less than 7,000 according to the 2020 census, it's no surprise that Rockport is the best smallest town in the USA. Tourists seek getaways during the summer months and explore many of the local shops that Rockport has to offer.

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If you're already planning your next road trip for the holidays or for next year (I know I am), Rockport Massachusetts just may be your next destination.

I want to know, what small town did you grow up in and why do you think it's the best? Drop your answer on our station app. 

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