Massachusetts is one of the best places to live in the U.S. The small but heavily populated New England state is famous for its stunning and varying landscapes, its rich history, world-renowned colleges, and some pretty spectacular sports teams.

In addition to all its offerings, Massachusetts is also a great place to live based on its quality of life. Massachusetts is home to some of the best public education in the country and has one of the highest median incomes and one of the highest GDP per capita in the nation. Several media outlets, including, rank Massachusetts as the second wealthiest state in the country, behind only New York state

Massachusetts residents might hold an annual median income of just under $89,026, according to, which puts them at number two for average state incomes according to US News and World Reports.

Being one of the wealthiest states in the country, Massachusetts is home to approximately 16,000 millionaires based on tax filing according to Forbes Magazine. So where do these millionaires live? We looked at the most millionaires per square mile living in Massachusetts.

What Town in Massachusetts is Home to the Most Millionaires?

The town of Wellesley, Massachusetts has 71.3 millionaires per square mile, totaling around 1,276. Cambridge came in second with 62.8 millionaires per square mile, and Brookline landed in third, with 61.4.

Wellesley is one of the most affluent communities in Massachusetts with the average household income sitting around $325,000 and the average home value is $1.79 million according to Zillow.

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