I popped over to the Massachusetts RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) the other day only to realize that they've got two armed guards at the entrance, not the entrance to the building, but the actual service center.

Noticing just just one guard before, I just assumed it was because it was a federal building or something like that.

Have armed security guards evaded me over the years?

The location I was at had other government related facilities in there, like Social Security and such. Was this the reason?


So, is this a thing at all RMV locations in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Are there armed guards at all RMVs? I can only presume it's necessary.

Allied Universal Security Services


The two men who I saw both had Allied Universal Security uniforms on with MassDOT lanyards around their necks, and were armed.

The gentleman whom I spoke with was very nice and told me that security on that level was unfortunately necessary in today's society and that fights and threats (even online) can be a real problem.

Our understanding of the Government security industry can help provide armed, or unarmed Security Professionals and customized services for facilities such as courthouses, federal government agencies, public utilities, transit and transportation centers, port authorities, airports, as well as municipal, country, and state agencies.

We connect and partner with some of the industry’s leading partners and are deeply involved with the National Sherriff’s Association (NSA), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the FBI’s InfraGard Program and other government security contractors to stay in tune with recent developments and industry trends. -aus.com

2008 Incident In Beverly, MA


The Boston Herald published an article in February of 2008 stating that the head of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles wanted to step up security, stemming from an incident at the Beverly location.

A man allegedly threatened to line up and shoot employees after he was denied a Massachusetts identification card due to his inability to provide proof of residency.

Then governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, earmarked $1.4M for 2009 to improve security at all RMV branches.

Massachusetts State Troopers were once present at all locations but stopped before 2008.

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