Bay State games are celebrating their 40th year here in bringing out the best in athletes all across Massachusetts.

Three Inductees here in Massachusetts received their award at a pre-game ceremony at Fenway Park on July 7 prior to the Red Sox game against the New York Yankees, for induction into the 2022 Bay State Games’ Hall of Fame.

The three that were inducted are, Donna Rozon, Figure Skating. Donna is from Natick Massachuset, she has coached for over 40 years and has led teams to gold medals at the State Games of America and ISI World Championships.

Louis Matnog, Pistol Shooting. Louis has served as Commissioner of the Bay State Games Sport Pistol competition for two decades. He is currently serving as head coach of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sport Pistol Team and the Massachusetts Rifle Association Junior Pistol Team.

Bill Good, Rugby.  Bill brought the sport of Rugby to Bay State Games over 10 years ago and has served as sports commissioner ever since. He also founded the Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization and served as president for 10 years. He is also a delegate to USA Ruby for high school and youth sports development.

The Bay State Games Hall of Fame was created to recognize past participants who have gone on to successful athletic careers, as well as former and current coaches, officials, sports organizers, and volunteers who have made significant contributions to the organization throughout its 38-year history.

Past inductees among the over 60 previous honorees include Major League Baseball’s Carlos Pena, Olympians Nancy Kerrigan, as well as US Paralympic Gold Medalist Joe Lemar (’15).

These are just a few of the inductees into the Bay State Hall Of Fame. For more on the Bay State Games Hall of Fame and past inductees, or to find out more on events that happen all over the state, even here in the Berkshires.


Winter Games are right around the corner!

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