I had no idea that so many creepy and fun movies were filmed here in Massachusetts.

Get Ready ready to do a little day-tripping to see these! Or maybe you have already been to some of these places.

The First on my list is.

The Ropes Mansion in Salem seen in the movie Hocus Pocus/318 Essex St., Salem

Movieclips Classic Trailers/Youtube

First Parish Church in Cohasset as Seen in The Witches of Eastwick/ 23 N Main St., Cohasset

Movieclips Classic Trailers/Youtube
In One scene Nicholson is blown through the streets of the town and into a church, that’s the First Parish Church in downtown Cohasset.

Jaws was filmed on Cape Cod, and Jaws 2 was partly filmed in Navarre Fl.

Movieclips Classic Trailers/Youtube
Maybe Jaws isn’t your regular horror film, but you still get a little freaked out when they’re facing the shark.

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Medfield State Hospital in Medfield the movie Shutter Island/ 45 Hospital Rd., Medfield

The ever-so-creepy Shutter Island was filmed on the grounds of the abandoned Medfield State Hospital where scenes from the Martin Scorsese psychological thriller were filmed. You can still check out the grounds yourself, They’re publicly accessible.

“The Crucible,” Salem

It is not your normal scary movie it centers around the Salem Witch Trial. A friend of mine was in this movie as one of the townspeople.

A newer movie that had a stellar cast and a mystery murder.

Knives Out/ 259 Massapoag Ave., North Easton

Movieclips Trailers/Youtube

If I missed your favorite scary movie filmed in Massachusetts email me Cheryl@wupe.com

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