When we talked to ABC 6 Sports Director Nick Coit last week, he was very measured.  "I like a bigger sample size," said Coit.  "I don't like to rush to judgement on a player.  Everyone has bad days."

That's the way Coit felt after the Cowboys shellacking in Dallas.  However, his tune wasn't quite as positive this week as the Patriots are trying to gearing up to head out to West to take on the Raiders.

"The last couple of weeks have not been good.  Mac has not been good.  Some of it is he doesn't have the time to throw, some of it is that he's just not making good decisions."

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as the saying goes.  Here's to hoping the teams can bring their losing ways, their bad decisions, bad blocking and bad tackling and leave the whole darn package in Vegas.

It's time for a fresh start.  Time to "start all over," as Coach Belichick said after the Saints beat the snot out of the Patriots in front of their home crowd last weekend in the worst home loss in the history of Gillette Stadium.

We asked Nick Coit about a CBS report that had Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, quickly losing patience and not ruling out the firing of the future Hall of Fame coach.  "Look, it's a results based business, right?  If you're not producing, then I think anything can be on the table."  However, Coit qualified that he doesn't think a Belichick firing (if it were to happen) would happen during the season.  "We are now in season 4 without #12.  The results have not been great the past couple of years here."  Coit couldn't imagine that Robert Kraft has much more patience for the losing.

"This weekend is big.  The schedule doesn't get any easier after they face the Raiders," said Coit.  "You could be staring at a really tough stretch if you're not able to get it done this weekend.  Nick Coit says anythign is on the table in New England at this point.

Coit's Pick

"Even with the doom and gloom the past couple of weeks.  Even though they can't get into the end zone, I'm going to pick the Patriots.  I think they're desperate.  I think they go on the road and get a victory.  Patriots by a field goal," predicted Coit.

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