The 2020 Presidential election has started for the Democrats and Massachusetts will play an important role in selecting the nominee.

The activists in the Democratic Party are going to have an important role in Massachusetts. The presidential primary for the Democrat nomination is expected to be extremely crowded and every vote will count. The role of individual activist will be more valuable than they have been in the past because of this crowded field.

The Boston Globe recently reported on the primary:

Massachusetts will hold its next presidential primary on March 3, 2020, and state officials are already gearing up for the expected influx of Democratic voters.

“There is every indication that we will see a high turnout next March,” Secretary of State Bill Galvin said in a statement Sunday, marking the 366-day countdown (2020 is a leap year).

“The field of candidates continues to grow and voters have already been calling my office with questions about the Presidential Primaries,” Galvin said. “Preparations have begun in my office and in local election offices around Massachusetts.”

The Bay State primary was close in 2016 when Hilliary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off. The Clinton team even sent in former President Bill Clinton to stump in Democrat strongholds for his wife. She pulled off a narrow victory over the senator from neighboring Vermont with the help of local existing political organizations.

Getting out the vote in Massachusetts will be the job of the activists who know their neighbors and what neighborhoods to canvass for Democratic votes. Building up lists of supporters and keeping them active will be the job of the grassroots supporters of the individual candidates.

If you love working on political campaigns, it is a great time to be a Massachusetts Democrat.

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