It's generated considerable buzz among the 2,800 town's folk of Bradford, Vermont. TV camera crews and other media types are trying to track down the claim of a possible Sasquatch – Sasquatches – that's given this sleepy town a new reawakening.

The Boston Globe's Dugan Arnett wrote an article about Bradford's potential notable visitor, a mysterious handbill that without smiling says the dragged-out closure of the town's Creamery Bridge since last spring is because of a delay in deck replacement and not because of the descent of Sasquatch to the area.

"ATTENTION!!!!  We would like to put to rest any and all rumors regarding The Creamery Bridge, Bridge 22, that crosses the Waits River here in Bradford. The prolonged closure of the bridge is due primarily to deck replacement and NOT because of displacement of or intrusion on a "Sasquatch" or Bigfoot, either a single creature or several. This is absolutely untrue and frankly, quite ludicrous. These rumors born of agitated imaginations are to be ignored and disregarded. Thank You."

The author of the bulletin is unknown, and even though the story has been covered by major media outlets, the town's weekly newspaper has avoided writing about it. A spokesperson at the state department overseeing the project said they've received several inquiries about it. A local business owner, who also serves as a Vermont state representative, reflected if Sasquatch is residing in the dense local forest land, she'll make sure its habitat is preserved.

I hope our area politicians are as compassionate when the electric line to South Coast Rail journeys through the mystical "place where spirits dwell," the Hockomock Swamp, which is rumored to be home to Bigfoot.

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