According to The Knot, the tradition of saving the top-tier of your wedding cake started back in the 19th century. 

"Couples saved their top tier for the christening of their first child. Today, couples generally wait a longer period of time after their “I dos” before having children, so they’ll save a slice or tier of the cake for their first wedding anniversary." - The Knot

I am not really sold on the idea of eating year-old cake, even if it's been "safely" frozen in an airtight container since it was served on your special day. I haven't talked to my fiancé about it, but this is one tradition I'm ok with passing on.

A few of our listeners lucked out with their experience:

"We froze and ate ours on our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd anniversary. We then decided that the taste had degraded to the point where it was no longer worth refreezing it." - Filipe Lebre 


"Yes, we did! It definitely didn't taste as good as it did the day of, but it was fun to have with champagne while we watched our wedding video!" - Elizabeth Conde-Mello


"Yes we did! I saved the small top tier of my wedding cake. I wrapped it tight in plastic wrap, then in foil, and repeated about 7 more times. Two days before our first anniversary I unwrapped all the layers and allowed it to thaw out in the refrigerator until a few hours before we were ready to eat it. If you had a piece, you wouldn’t have known it was frozen for a year." - Kelly Costa Coelho

Apparently some of our listeners feel the same way I do. Instead of freezing the top-tier and eating it on their first anniversary, they went back to the bakery that made their wedding cake to get a small replica and share a fresh one to celebrate. Some local bakeries even offer vouchers for you to go back a year after your wedding. Honestly, that's genius.

"The bakery we ordered from gives you a flavor replica mini cake for your 1 year so you don’t have to... so we got fresh delicious cake!" - Courtney Smith 

Amanda's bakery went above and beyond for her and her husband:

“We opted not to. Instead, when my 1-year anniversary came up we went back to Pinkbox and had her do cupcake versions for us to enjoy. When she closed, she gave my husband the recipe so we could make it again. Love her and will always be appreciative for that.” - Amanda Dodge

You could also consider eating it the next day with your new spouse as you relive the last 24 hours. Or, properly freeze it, but agree to eat it a couple of months after the wedding while you're looking at all of those pictures that the photographer just sent you. Bonus points if you put your wedding dress back on.

Whatever your feelings about 1-year-old cake, you can enjoy fresh samples at our Annual Wedding Show on Sunday, January 26. Don't forget to Pre-Register for your chance to win a honeymoon and other prizes. You can buy your ticket HERE until Friday, January 24.

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