Not that Donald Trump hasn't proverbially shot himself in the foot more than Barney Fife with a Gatling gun, but the merged main stream media, Executive Branch of our government and the Clinton Campaign are just going to be to much to overcome, sad to say to my fellow patriots.

Think about this abuse of journalism by those charged with giving us the truth combined with the Obama directed FBI who openly admitted that Hillary Clinton offered a quid pro quo (a favor in return for one in return) but let her off of any and all charges anyway.

Mind boggling scandals are handed to the media  showing..PROVING that Hillary is hiding contrary positions to her own campaigning speech promises. She bribed the FBI. She openly accepts lots of money from Saudi Arabia who she says is also giving ISIS lots of money. Anyone supporting her care to ask why? Why would the Saudis finance 20% of her campaign?

Wikileaks Emails show:

Podesta, not Trump with deep financial ties to Putin and Russia with over 75,000 shares of Putin's energy company. Crickets can be heard.

She will use executive powers to circumvent the Second Amendment to seize guns from the citizenry. It is not clear how far she will go, only that she is going to attempt it.

Hillary wants no enforcement at the border, eroding a sovereignty here in the USA. Not a peep by the lib media.

If anyone needed a reminder of what the 1990s Clinton led White House was like, then wonder no more.

All this is going on in front of, revealed by those directly involved through frank admittance or through exposed emails thanks to Wikileaks.

Try now to imagine what President Hillary is going to do if she pulled all of this in-your-face subversion WITHOUT power of office.

In a Democracy, we get the government we deserve. We're all screwed, the Hillary supporters just don't understand yet.