I wrote a piece on Tuesday about a letter I received from Santander Bank informing me that the branch I have used for 26 years is closing. The letter stated that the bank branch at 909 Ashley Boulevard would merge with the branch on Acushnet Avenue, just south of Tarkiln Hill Road, on July 23.

Even though I now reside in Dartmouth, I still use the Ashley Boulevard bank branch. I know the people there, and it's comfortable. Yes, I am still one of those people who get out of the car and go inside to conduct my transactions. I often do that at Dunkin' too, just for the record.

After mentioning the letter on the Tuesday program, I received calls from two other Santander Bank customers who had received similar letters. A woman said she was notified that the branch bank on Braley Road at the Business Park is closing too. A man reported that Santander's Assonet branch would close as well.

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It seems Santander is looking to save money by eliminating branch offices throughout the area. I imagine this must be the case wherever Santander does business. It makes sense.

Fewer people physically access the bank to conduct business these days. Much of what business is done, is done online and not in person. That must reduce the need for so many branch locations.

I will miss my branch bank and will probably do more banking online. Although now that I think of it, I really don't do as much in-person banking as I used to, either. In fact, I no longer even have a checkbook and haven't written a check in years.

Oh well, I guess the times, they really are a-changing.

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