Rep. Joe Kennedy III is exploring a primary challenge of U.S. Senator Ed Markey. The fact that three other Democrats have already announced plans to primary Markey is an indication of just how weak many in the Democrat Party believe the aging leftie really is.

Like other mobsters, the Democrats stress loyalty and many are saying that young Joe ought to wait his turn. That's absurd. If Kennedy wants to run and feels he can do a better job than Markey, he should run.

I am no Ed Markey fan but since a Democrat is going to win that seat anyway, I'd just as soon it be Markey and not Kennedy. Markey has been in office since I graduated from high school in 1976. He hasn't done much to threaten our existence yet. As a matter of fact, he hasn't done much of anything, period. What harm could six more years do?

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Kennedy, on the other hand, is a young man. A real go-getter. He could be around for a long time to come and could actually get a lot done. That scares me. He could even use a seat in the Senate to launch a presidential bid. That scares me more.

Yeah, in a matchup between Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy III, I pick do-nothing Ed Markey. Re-elect Ed and he'll revert back to the cacoon he was in before someone woke him up to run for re-election. From a position of self-preservation and that of the nation, I believe Ed Markey is the do the least amount of damage.

Ed Markey, I choose you!

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