A potentially landscape-changing international political development is being reported out of Ukraine as of last night. The former Minister of Ecology and owner of Burisma Energy was named as a suspect of the massive state embezzlement by the Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshabka.

Much of the conservative blogosphere has reported that Mykola Zlochevsky was indicted, but this appears to be erroneous – at least for now. The former boss of Hunter Biden is believed to be part of "theft of government funds on an especially large scale."

Joe Biden's son Hunter recently stepped down from the Board of Directors at Burisma and investigative reports have linked the Bidens, Ukraine officials, U.S. diplomats, former President Viktor Yakunovich and his family and others of receiving millions through an elaborate laundering scheme, bilking the nation of Ukraine.

The report states that documents will provide evidence of international corruption. A U.S. investment fund tied to the Democratic Party, which helped Yakunovich's family launder $7.4 billion in U.S. funds, driving Ukraine deeper into debt.

The report also states that the documents will show that Hunter Biden, together with his partners, received not only $16.5 million from Burisma but millions more stolen from the government of Ukraine.

The confidential source from within the Ukraine government informed the reporters that their motive was based on two things: preventing the government from going bankrupt and to restore trusted strategic relationships with their U.S. partners.

According to investigators, Biden and his partners received the money through criminal means, laundering out money through three companies within the territory of Latvia.

The now-recognized criminal enterprises of the Yakunovich family included his "legalizing" the laundering of proceeds, when he was president, through Franklin Templeton Investments – believed to be near $7.4 billion.

Franklin Templeton has assets over $750 billion and more than 21 million client portfolios. John Templeton, Jr., son of the founder, was a major donor of the presidential election of Barack Obama.

Another reported player linked to this described scheme is former National Security Advisor to President Obama Tomas Donilon, who today is Chief Manager of BlackRock Investment Institute and a shareholder in Franklin Templeton.

It is believed that it was this aspect of his investigation that led Joe Biden to order President Petro Poroshenko (also named as part of those suspected in the scheme) to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

The former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Jovanovic, testified under oath that she did not know why then-Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was going to Washington. Shokin wanted the same information before being fired. Documents are said to be in the Prosecutor General's possession to "prove" Jovanovic had to have known of the concerning evidence of corruption but blocked the U.S. Embassy from cooperating with Ukrainian investigators anyway.

Wowzers and holy crap if these reports are accurate.

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