There are certain things you should bring with you to the Job & Career Expo. Having these things will help to set you up for a success job fair experience.

Resume(s):  Be sure to bring enough copies of your most updated resume along with you.  If you’re not sure how many you’ll need, look at how many participating companies you plan on connecting with and start there.  If you are applying for different jobs, bring different versions. Want to make sure your resume makes it to all of the employers? Upload it in advance here and we'll email it to everyone after the event.

Questions:  You may not have much time with a recruiter so make sure you ask the important questions.  Avoid asking any questions that you could have found (and should have found) the answers to on their website prior to the event. Do ask about the hiring process and what the follow up steps are.

Manners:  When approaching a recruiter, be sure to not interrupt their current conversations; wait patiently.  Be sure not to say anything negative about your previous jobs, supervisors, companies, etc.

Elevator pitch: Your elevator pitch is a short commercial about who you are.  It should have your name, include something about your background, skills, what you want to do and what makes you unique to employers.  Practice your elevator pitch a few times so that you’re comfortable using it on your first choice recruiters.

Confidence: Don’t be intimated by the recruiters. They are simply people whose job it is to meet qualified candidates.  Just like a formal interview, you’ll want to smile, use a firm handshake, make eye contact and leave your nervous habits at home.

Appropriate Dress:  Dressing professionally is the safest choice for any job and career fair.  Dress conservatively but comfortably, as you’ll be on your feet for quite some time.  Don’t wear anything that you’ll be tugging at or adjusting throughout the day.

MoneyWhile this is not typically something you’ll see on a What to Bring to a Job Fair List, you may want to have money for lunch or coffee with someone you’ve just met or simply to get your professional head shot taken by our event photographer.

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