One time in my first year of working at the radio station, a coworker had been fighting off a really bad cold. Convinced that my mother’s recipe for chicken noodle soup had mystical healing powers, I told Kristen about it and assured her that the soup would cure anything she had. I texted my mom to request a small order for a friend, and a slight typo led to one of the biggest inside jokes at the office. Autocorrect strikes again.

Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media
Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media

Kristen didn’t need help looking cute, but I’m sure she thought she looked better as she recovered from the cold. This is how “Pretty People Soup” came to be.

Since we’ve had a couple of raw and rainy days, I thought it would be a good time to share Renata’s recipe for this delicious soup. My mom did ask me to mention that “portion size depends on how many you are feeding." There are seven people in my household, so we usually have a large pot to last us a couple of days.

How to Make Pretty People Soup

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