There's a school that pairs students together in a prom date lottery. This "promposal" is a tradition that has been carried out since 1926. Here's how this tradition has lasted 90 years:

1. It's a VERY small Catholic school - They only have 24 couples attending the prom this year! In fact, they had to ask a sophomore to go so they can even out the numbers and make sure everyone has a date.

2. Their heart is in the right place - The number one goal is that no one is left out on prom night. No one is forced to participate. On the school's website, they explain that "the students vote whether or not they want to continue the tradition of 'Prom Draw.' Each year they unanimously vote to continue the tradition." Even their school motto claims they have the best intentions - "Done Always with God's Spirit"

3. It’s not like other proms - With roughly 50 kids attending each year, it's more about the students having one big party together before graduating and going off to college.

4. The 'Prom Draw' is an event in itself - Just look at the school's Prom Page. Everyone goes all out for Prom Draw and the families get involved too. The Draw is usually just before Spring Break to give the girls time to go dress shopping before the Prom, which is always the first Friday in May.

5. This would actually be a really fun theme for a party, not necessarily prom - If Dartmouth High wanted to have a “Mystery Date" themed Winter Formal, I think that would kinda be a cool idea. Better yet, make it Sadie Hawkins style and let the girls pick the boys names. (I won’t even be upset if Dartmouth High decides to use this).

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