When you have a lot of different non-profits duplicating similar services, it's like having a tossed salad in a large bowl. Everything is separate but together, if you get my drift. Well, now thanks to a new program, services for people who have fallen on tough times will make it easier to access services. The new program, named The Call, was launched this week by the Homeless Service Providers Network, a collaboration of about 40 to 50 social service agencies in the city. When people will be searching for a bed on any given night, families and individuals can simply place a call to 1 - 800 - Homeless.

Catholic Social Services will have an inventory of available beds in the region. This will simplify the process and also help families more easily navigate a list of agencies. This, for the first time, will be a coordinated single point of entry. In the past, people would have to enter a very complicated system with every agency having different methodologies. The Call will eliminate that and help move towards solving the city's homeless problem.

The network has also been working on meeting the needs for an emergency overflow shelter on frigid nights. Just recently, it launched Rise Up For Homes, a project WBSM and FUN107 are very much apart of.