Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is firing back at State Representative Antonio Cabral.

Cabral is attempting to fast-track legislation that would block the use of state funds to finance the 287G partnership between the Bristol County Sheriff's Office and federal immigration agencies.

Cabral told WBSM News Monday morning that he didn't think the state should be paying to help federal authorities do their jobs.

“The state has already challenges to meet in other areas,” Cabral said. “I think that if the federal government wants to ask for assistance for a particular agency in the state, they ought to cough up the money.”

Hodgson called in to WBSM's Barry Richard Show to give his own view, saying that the New Bedford state rep doesn't know anything about the actual financials going into the 287G program.

"First of all, if you ask him how much money we are talking about here if you're talking about state money, what exactly does the program do, what are the costs associated with it, he couldn't tell you," Hodgson said. "He doesn't have a number. He can't tell you, because he doesn't know anything about the program."

Hodgson pointed out that Cabral has not put forth or signed any legislation to help fight against illegal immigration. He said Cabral attempting to block the 287G funding stems not from a concern over state money being spent, but rather from his own personal views on the issue.

"Let's put all the smokescreens aside, Mr. Cabral," Hodgson said. "The truth is, this is about personal politics, around immigration and he is not willing to allow law enforcement to do its job to get criminal illegal aliens out of our communities to keep our people safe."

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