Walter DaSilva, the man accused of murdering his 19-year-old daughter Sabrina DaSilva, was deported in 2002 for attempting kill Sabrina's mother.

Speaking with WBSM News Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson said that both state and federal law enforcement agencies need to do a better job of sharing information with Immigration and Customs Enforcment to ensure that someone with a record like Dasilva is flagged before he can re-enter the country.

"For example if he was picked up for drunk driving, or some other kind of a thing, that information properly got sent immediately to ICE so that they could verify, either through fingerprints or what have you, that this individual had already been deported," said Hodgson.

Hodgson also called for an increased use of biometric scanning, which analyzes physical characteristics such as height and blood pressure, to identify specific individuals.

"The biometrics piece of this would be something that would be very useful to us in our ports of entry," said Hodgson "they could get identify that person right away so we need to get that up and running and Congress needs to appropriate the money."

While criticising both President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders Hodgson also says that there also failings on the local level.

"Sanctuary cities that are making these rules that 'hey you can't cooperate with ICE officials and give them the information they need to identify these people if they're in that particular community' are completely contrary to what the responsibilities of government are," said Hodgson.

Sabrina DaSilva was shot multiple times outside of her apartment at 9 Bedford St. on July 3.

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