THIS GUEST OPINION PIECE BY: Thomas Hodgson, Sheriff of Bristol County

Bristol County Sheriff's Dept./Facebook
Bristol County Sheriff's Dept./Facebook

Yet again, Congress is about to put politics ahead of public safety.

The current spending proposal by presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats contains no funding for the wall or border security. Their proposal includes full funding for six of the seven remaining appropriation measures.

The one they do not want to fund? The Department of Homeland Security. They want to fund everything but border security and kick DHS funding down the road until February.

It’s the latest example of Congress ignoring the American lives being lost at the hands of criminal illegal aliens. It’s another example of how Congress turns the other way on drugs pouring over the border and into our neighborhoods. Sadly, it’s the latest example of our elected representatives making it harder for law enforcement to keep neighborhoods and communities safe and protect the people from additional dangers.

The American people did not elect Rep. Pelosi and other like-minded members of Congress to impose their partisan political welfare over the welfare of our families, neighbors and our nation.

Our safety and security cannot be compromised by politics anymore.

It is time for all Americans to demand that Rep. Pelosi stop using our nation’s Capitol as a political playground. It’s time for her to represent people, not politics.

I urge all Americans to use your voice and contact Rep. Pelosi and your local Representative in Congress to tell them that we demand funding for Border security – NOW! – and that we are not willing to be subject to being victimized by criminal illegal aliens. You will find the Congressional contact information here.

This latest proposal by Rep. Pelosi and House Democrats underscores the argument that the most fundamental responsibility of government, our public and personal safety, is held hostage once again to partisan political agendas.

Please, contact your elected representatives in Congress and tell them that enough is enough.

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