After a successful first season, Houses with History returns to HGTV this March, as Jennifer MacDonald, Mike Lemieux and Rich Soares continue their passion for restoring 18th- and 19th-century homes on the SouthCoast and beyond.

Before HGTV

Before the first season premiered in 2021, Jennifer MacDonald shared how her passion for real estate and history connected her to Mike Lemieux, a history buff with whom she went to high school in Sandwich. Their journey started by working on rental properties and it evolved into bringing 18th-century homes back to life through their company, Full Circle Homes. Rich Soares was brought on as carpenter, and now, their passion continues to gain national attention thanks to HGTV.

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After the Success of Season 1

“We had over 14 million viewers, and we are continuously in awe that people recognize us or have seen the show,” MacDonald said. “It’s made it fun for us. We’re glad that people have resonated with the show.”

After the first season aired, business was booming.

“Our little retail store in Plympton is doing really well, and we did our first vintage fair on the hayfields that were featured in Episode 6,” Lemieux said. “People came from as far as Canada and I think around 3,500 people showed up. It was great. Now, we are hitting the ground running for the filming of season 2.”

First Stop Fairhaven

The first episode of the second season highlights a charming home in Fairhaven originally owned by Henry Huttleston Rogers.

“This one is a favorite of mine and the town is so amazing,” MacDonald said. “The episode will feature the restoration and renovation of an 1800s historic home in Fairhaven that was originally a potting shed on the Henry Huttleston Rogers estate.”

“It has such a cool history,” Lemieux said. “A lot of the big buildings you see in town were donated by Huttleston Rogers and his wife, like the town halls, schools, the church, library and more.”

Henry Huttleston Rogers was a close associate of John D. Rockefeller, a benefactor of Helen Keller and a close friend of Mark Twain.

“The entire time we were working on the home, I’m imagining them smoking cigars by the garden,” MacDonald joked.

When and Where to Watch

MacDonald, Lemieux and Soares will take viewers on a historical journey as they incorporate modern functionality and design into 18th- and 19th-century homes, with their first project being a 4,000-square-foot “shed” built in the 1800s.

Season 2 of Houses with History premieres March 7, 10 p.m., on HGTV and Discovery Plus. Keep your eyes peeled for other Massachusetts locations throughout the season, such as Duxbury, Middleborough and Sandwich.

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