Haunted house

Heather Graham's latest novel, The Hexed, is a fast-paced suspense novel set in Salem, Mass. that contains elements of mystery, paranormal and romance. Throughout the story, the reader is taken into a surreal world only Graham could weave.

The Hexed

The opening words, "Help me, Rocky! Help me!" (9) throw the reader into continuous action that lasts until the very last page. Craig Rockwell, known as Rocky, finds the body of one of his high school classmates, Melissa Wilson, when he is just seventeen.

Years later, Rocky, an FBI investigator with the Krewe Hunters, asks to be sent to Salem when another woman has been found murdered in the same way as Ms. Wilson in Swampscott, Mass. Hence, the reader learns an immense amount of historical information about the town of Salem, including the famous Salem Witch Trials.

If you have visited Salem before, the streets, historical tours, museums and restaurants will seem familiar to you. In fact, these details also help to propel the story forward in many interesting and unique ways.

And of course, Graham establishes a romance between Rocky and Devin Lyle, who has recently inherited her house from her great-aunt Mina as law enforcement races to find an extremely dangerous killer. Set aside time with  your favorite snack and beverage because you won't want to stop once you begin reading Heather Graham's The Hexed.

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