It's the most wonderful time of the year and perhaps also the most caffeinated time of the year.

Everyone has a lot to do and only a few days left to do it, so extra coffee might be just the thing to keep you going. 

Luckily many of our local coffee shops know that. And are keeping you caffeinated right through Christmas.

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For a lot of people on the SouthCoast, it's not whether you'll grab a coffee today, it's how much coffee you might have today. And that means Christmas Day, too.

Christmas can be a pretty hectic day. Up early, visiting family, faking excitement for your bad gifts... It's for sure a day that requires caffeine.

Thanks to a variety of SouthCoast coffee shops, you don't have to brew your own on Christmas to get the caffeine fix you need.

Heck, treat yourself to a donut, too. It's Christmas, after all.

So whether you want a coffee to get yourself ready for opening presents with your nieces and nephews or are grabbing a dozen donuts for Christmas morning treats, these are the local spots that have you covered.

See if your favorite coffee shop is on the list and what hours they'll be serving the coffee the SouthCoast needs on Christmas.

These SouthCoast Coffee Shops Will Serve You Christmas Day

Even on Christmas morning you need your coffee fix. These SouthCoast coffee shops will still be open so you can still stick to your morning routine.

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