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AG Maura Healey / Getty Images

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has propelled herself onto the national political stage by borrowing a page from Barrack Obama's governance manual on how to act unilaterally and get away with it.

Massachusetts A.G. Maura Healey, a Democrat, elevated herself to rock star status last week with the "repeal the second amendment" crowd simply by deciding that she didn't like existing gun laws and then changing them - on her own. Doesn't matter that she may not have had the authority to expand existing law without legislative approval or that of the governor.  This is the blue plate special of blue states and who is going to stop her?

They say timing is everything so Healey waited until the legislature was on a break for the national political conventions to strike - and strike she did.  Knowing she too would be heading to the DNC in Philly this week she planned accordingly, expanding the ban on what she calls "copycat" assault-style weapons. A Republican Senator from Westfield filed a bill within days challenging her authority to do this but it is too little too late.  The session ends next week and the bill dies when it does.  Nice try. If Republican Governor Charlie Baker was not so afraid of the Democrat majority and his re-election he might do something, but don't count on it.

Massachusetts, where it all began will watch the second amendment unravel and Maura Healey solidify her ambitions for Governor of the Commonwealth.  Hey, with that sort of activism Healey could find herself in a Clinton Administration DOJ or hell, The Supreme Court!

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