The idea that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey could actually be appointed U.S. Attorney General is a mighty scary thought. Democrat strategist Mary Anne Marsh thinks it's a good bet should the Democrats win back the White House next year.

In an interview to air on WCVB Channel 5's "On The Record" program on Sunday, Marsh says, "Maura Healey could be the next Attorney General because she would have been if Hillary Clinton were in the White House."

Could you only imagine Hillary Clinton and Maura Healey ruling the roost?

As the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Healey has spent a good deal of her time and your money battling the Trump Administration with foolish lawsuits. She has fought hard to protect the rights of Central American migrants—from the other side of the border. Healey has challenged ICE's authority to apprehend criminal illegal aliens and fought the Trump Administration's effort to block unvetted migrants from some pretty dangerous places. She is also fighting to separate you from your guns.

Healey is a left-wing radical with a chip on her shoulder. The thought that she could actually someday be in charge of our Department of Justice is frightening, especially in light of the abuses we are now learning about that occurred under Obama's DOJ.

Healey tells Channel 5 that she loves her job and has no plans beyond what she is doing now, and that 2020 and the presidential race is "just too far away." When a politician responds that way, you can guarantee that he or she is elbows deep in planning their next move.

Personally, I liked Healey better when she was playing professional basketball in Austria. Nothing good could come from putting Maura Healey in charge of the Department of Justice.

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