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A friend told me about the newest trend happening in neighborhoods and offices for Halloween. “Booing” is the Halloween twist to ding-dong-ditch, and albeit a much more fun version of the game.

It’s almost like the Halloween version of a “Secret friend pyramid game” in that you secretly deliver a treat to two of your neighbors and then each of those neighbors turns around to “boo” two more.

You just have to make a gift basket filled with treats for the neighbors on your “Boo” list and drop them off with a poem explaining that they’ve been boo-ed and must now display a "We've Been BOOed!" sign declaring it for all to see.

You’re not supposed to know who Boos you and you’re not supposed to tell anyone when you Boo someone else. Keep it a secret until after Halloween and then give up the secret if you wish.

What’s nice about the game is that it allows you to reconnect with neighbors while still maintaining physical distance from one another. 2020 has been a weird year and we’re still trying to have some fun while keeping our loved ones safe. Booing might not be the beloved tradition of trick-or-treating or Halloween parties, but it still gives you the chance to celebrate in an adorable, and safe way

Click HERE to find BOO poems, BOO instructions, and BOO signs.

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