I told you recently about a 13-year old girl from New Jersey who started a campaign to get the Hasboro toy company to start making a gender neutral Easy-Bake Oven.  This week Hasboro announced it will soon start producing one! 

McKenna Pope, met with officials at the company's Rhode Island headquarters and they showed her a prototype of their newest oven, it's black, silver and blue, a change from their purple and pink one they now are making.  McKenna is happy with everything Hasbro is doing, even putting boy's in their advertising, something they were not doing with the old oven.

The reason for her to petition the company was for her four year old brother who wanted an Easy Bake Oven, but they were geared for girls.  It looks like the company will have the new oven's ready to hit store shelves sometime next summer.  No word if Hasbro is going to send one to New Jersey for her brother.

I love the fact that this 13-year old girl put together an on-line petition and ended up getting lots of support, including celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, maybe she can get some recipes from Flay to cook in the oven.  Although I'm not sure he has many that will work with a light bulb in a kid's oven, he is known for his BBQ not his baking.