What if we got The Grinch all wrong? What if, in fact, he’s a sweet person that just wants to make others happy? What if, he is, in fact, a she?

Clark Wasn’t Always a Grinch

Melissa Clark of Hanson, Massachusetts, has been putting on the green suit for the past year and has truly embraced what it means to be The Grinch around the holiday season, but she has decided to put a much more endearing twist on an otherwise grumpy grouch.

“It all started two years ago when I became Catwoman,” Clark said.

Clark purchased a Slingshot Roadster in 2019 and got it wrapped with a Catwoman paint job. She put on the Catwoman suit, passed out candy to local children and became a huge hit, but this was only the beginning of Clark’s costume career.

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When Clark Became The Grinch

Clark works for the Plymouth County Sheriff's Office full-time but loves to dress up in various characters and make people smile in her free time. She put on the Grinch suit for the first time last year and it was the best decision she could have made.

Clark said she hopped in her convertible in full costume and drove around town.

“People got a kick out of it and I was able to make a bunch of people smile," she said.

She recalled giving one Dunkin’ worker quite the scare as she pulled up in her suit.

“She was pretty surprised to me,” laughed Clark.

As of this year, her mother has joined in on the fun and dresses up as Cindy Lou Who.

“We’re the perfect pair,” Clark said.

Clark’s Favorite Part About Becoming The Grinch

When Clark puts on that suit, she completely transforms into the Jim Carrey-inspired version of the “Mean One."

“It’s hard because I’m a woman, so I don’t talk. I just like that I can channel his characteristics and mannerisms,” she said. “It’s fun getting to be that ornery (character).”

Clark’s love for acting attracted her to become different characters, but being able to portray the Grinch around the holidays has made her heart grow a few sizes. She attends every town or charity event free of charge.

Who knew The Grinch could be so merry?

Just when you thought you knew everything about The Grinch, Clark proves that even the meanest of characters can bring joy around the holiday season.

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