Groundswell Cafe + Bakery may be a relatively new kid on Tiverton's block, but it seems to be on a mission. Judging by the crowds that flock to Groundswell, it appears they may be on to be on to something.

Groundswell Cafe + Bakery, 3883 Main Road, is at the intersection of Puncatest Neck and Main roads in the heart of Tiverton Four Corners.

Groundswell wants to encourage its many patrons to stop and smell the coffee. Literally.

This business strongly urges patrons to go tech-free while enjoying their visit. A self-proclaimed "laptop- and tablet-free environment," Groundswell asks folks to "just breathe and relax" while visiting.

Tiverton Cafe Discourages Electronic Devises
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

At Panera Bread and Starbucks, it is not unusual to see customers toiling over laptops and electronic devices. Not so at Groundswell Cafe + Bakery.

While a counter employee ( who shall remain nameless) wouldn't say if Groundswell management would ask you to shut off your electronic devices while visiting, she asked, "Why would you even want to be online here?"

Good question.

Its website says Groundswell Cafe + Bakery was established in 2020 "in a landmark building known as the A.P. White General Store (c.1876).

Tiverton Cafe Discourages Electronic Devises
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

To many, the thought of hopping off the grid for even a little while can seem frightening. But give it a try. And if you decide to unplug for a bit, I can think of few places better to do it than at Groundswell Cafe + Bakery.

If you can do it there, you can do it anywhere.

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