When the hard left of the Democratic Party gets control and implements the Green New Deal, the U.S. human capital will flee for greener pastures.

You know when the hammer of socialism and communism slams down on a country because the citizens of that country end up in other nations. The Green New Deal is a socialist scheme that will require the coercive power of the state to get the citizens in line with the new rules and the new rulers.

Countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam and the Soviet Union have a hard time keeping their citizens at home, at least willingly. The Soviets had to build the Berlin Wall to keep their citizens from leaving for a life in a free country like the United States. Contrast this with the wall President Trump wants to continue building to keep people from breaking into the United States. That is because one political/economic system works and one fails.

Cuba patrols the skies and the ocean to re-capture Cuban citizens escaping to the United States. The people of South Vietnam fled in boats when the Communists finally rolled down from the north and overwhelmed the tiny nation abandoned by the Democrats in the U.S. Congress. There are millions of Venezuelans living abroad now because of the actions of the socialists who are managing that country under the direction of the Cuban dictatorship.

When the Green New Deal and other socialist policies take hold in the United States, the smart people will leave. The last airplanes in American airspace will be those carrying the human capital that makes a country a good place to live. The great minds and ambitions that made America the envy of the world will be gone. After a few years, the Socialist United States will be a great as Cuba, Venezuela, and the former Soviet Union.

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