There has been a renewed focus on the call for cameras in Harrington Park following the death of 19-year-old Marcelo Jean Francois who was shot and killed in the park last month.

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell and Ward Five City Councilor Kerry Winterson have said they want to see cameras installed in the park sometime in July.

While many have called the camera effort a knee jerk reaction to that shooting, City Council President Brian Gomes told WBSM's Brian Thomas that isn't the case.

"Myself and Councilor Winterson requested those cameras when the construction of that park was being done," said Gomes "anywhere where we're doing construction in a situation like this, a park or whatever, I want a camera there."

"No doubt about it the city is safer," said Gomes "neighborhoods are being closely monitored for any type of criminal activity, anything going on in that area that may affect the quality of life for people within that city or assist our police department in solving crimes."

While some have expressed concerns that the cameras may be used to infringe on people's privacy rights, Gomes says that isn't their goal.

"I want a camera there not to violate the rights of people or to watch people, it is a security purpose there," said Gomes "it is to make sure that those kids and everyone there is secure."

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